Thought the discovery of the picture world, what makes me feel the need to translate these feelings and thoughts across it, towards the year 1994 a special interest in the photography world. This made me visit during years a lot of exhibitions in Madrid and other locations, to look for documentations and, in summary, to begin a autodidact learning process.

It was in 1998 when I began to Professional Photography Education, whose duration is three years, and that i finished at 2001. Also at that year, I got my first analogue professional photography device, a Leica camera, that I will use, until nowadays, most of the pictures I take. Years later, I will switch this device with another medium format film camera Hasselblad, that I will use for taking square format pictures.

My professional career begun at 2000 and it grew up in a set of different environments, mainly focused in documentary, marketing, fashion and theatre photography.

In parallel, I managed and trained a photography 60 hours program which was title "Image Studies", and it was included in the Official Continuous Intersectoral Training Program for the Madrid community, and developed a long nine different courses between 2006 and 2012.

From 2014, I begun to work in a personal project for several photography exhibitions.